What is The Clear Path To Cash?

The Clear Path To Cash includes 8 video lessons taught by Cash Flow Mike.  Follow along with the lesson handouts and immediately be able to apply the techniques to your business. 


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These proven techniques have transformed 1000's of small busineses. Yours can be next. 

The Clear Path To Cash is an 8 lesson course on how to maximize cash in any given business situation.  The course is great for small business owners and their advisers, who are trying to solve cash flow problems, secure bank financing or looking to increase the value of their company.  Learn how to look at any business through the eyes of the financial statements and turn ratios into actions.  The 8 lessons are below:

Start With The End In Mind

Building a lifestyle friendly business starts with understanding transferable value.

Fast Money Formula

Use the levers that control the speed of cash through your company.  Controlling cash makes it easier to keep and grow.

Simple Valuation Formula

Don't be surprised at the closing table by what your business is worth.  Learn a few simple formulas to manage your business by to get the best valuation.

The Home Run Financial System

Deeply understand your business in as little as 7 minutes per month.

Forecasting By The Numbers

Learn step by step how to build a forecast and align it to the reality of how cash moves through your company.

The Deliberate Exit Strategy

The closer you get to wanting to leave your business, the fewer options you have.  Learn how to use choice to your benefit.

Mining Your Business For Cash

Use The Financial Doctor Method to find hidden cash opportunities in your business.

How To Deal With Your Banker

Speak the language of banking and make your banker your best friend.

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Watch videos and complete practice exercises in the comfort of your own home or office.  Join discussions online about the course content and get feedback from Cash Flow Mike.

Each course comes with downloadable lesson resources you can use over and over again with your own business.  You will find templates, spreadsheets, cheat-sheets and more.

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