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Use Path to connect, collaborate, and grow your business. Path was built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks Online to give you a detailed, easy-to-understand picture of your company’s data story by transforming your financial data into actionable business intelligence and visual KPI’s.


Connect individuals from your team to the data they have a part in.


Collaborate with your entire team in one place. Share files, keep track of To-Dos, document critical Milestone events, bookmark information you want to go back to, and interact with your team on an internal social feed. 


You can make sure that the right people have the right information at the exact right time to help you make critical business decisions. Grow your business with Path by Simplex!


Increase productivity and efficiency, maximize revenues - which can be invested into growing the business. Path has powerful analysis that helps you find hidden cash in your current operation. It even has AI driven suggestions on how to get the most out of your business. 


You grow together as a team and are more profitable as a company.

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